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Ralph Meyer
CEO (Meyer Plastics, Inc.)
Ralph Meyer has been leading Meyer Plastics and delivering the plastic solutions our customers need for over 30 years. An engineer at heart, he enjoys finding the perfect solutions that help our customers succeed in their respective businesses. Experience gained in the last 3 decades means we can be responsive and tailor a custom solution for every customer.

Ralph accepted leadership of Meyer Plastics from his father, John Meyer, in 1995. John joined his father in business back in 1956. Incorporated since 1950, Meyer Plastics has over 65 years of continuous family owned and operated service. Meyer Plastics is a full service distributor of plastics, sign materials, adhesives, and resins. We are also a fabricator of OEM parts using the same materials that we sell through distribution. We specialize in plastic thermoform,and computer aided manufacturing. If you have a plastic need from silicone caulking, to a POP display, to bonding of hard to glue materials, to a plastic hood for a semi truck, we would like to make you another satisfied Meyer Plastics customer.
SILA-SEAL is trademark of Meyer Plastics, Inc. a family-owned and operated company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Other companies may offer similar services, but ours are the best and come with a personal touch. SILA-SEAL was founded on the precept of superior customer service; our customers depend on SILA-SEAL to provide exceptional value and credibility. Our reputation depends on "total customer satisfaction."

SILA-SEAL's product line includes acetoxy silicones, neutral cure formulations, mildew resistant silicones, fire stop products, urethane foam, and dielectric grease.  

A number of our products are certified to NSF Standard 51 - Food Contact
SILA-SEAL is also a vendor partner of Blue Hawk HVAC/R Distribution Cooperative. SILA-SEAL  provides private labeling programs to a number of customers, allowing them to market our exceptional products under their organization's name, giving themselves greater name recognition within their specific industries. The private labeling program is available to anyone interested by request.

Please allow SILA-SEAL™ to provide your company the same great products and excellent service that we have provided our customers since 1994.

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Committed to providing our customers with the greatest adhesive and silicone products available.